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About us

For us, this is not just a job - we are proud of the solutions we come to. We encourage each other in order to achieve excellent results in the design of each project. A group of our most important experts is part of the company Emisia Consulting d.o.o. for nearly a decade. We encourage dynamic and creative professional discussions. We tailor our solutions to your individual requirements and meet your needs, which you are not aware of yourself. Tim Emisia Consulting is what sets us apart from the competition.
Java Development

Our Java development team is dedicated to create enterprise- applications for our global clients. Our applications are developed using modern Java frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, OSGI, Hadoop, MongoDB, etc...

Quality Assurance

QA team is focused on developing and maintaining automated tests for ensuring software quality. Using modern test frameworks such as Selenium Webdriver, Jmeter, UFT | HP etc. we are joyful about signing stable applications.

User Interface

Utilizing latest Sencha products to make robust yet responsive UI components. Always at the web technologies blending edge, trying to make the best use on any new and attractive direction the web evolves to.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

We are providing DTP services for all major publishing software. Our DTP team has extensive experience in working with both Western and Eastern languages and right to left languages also. Recently our expertise extended to all e-learning platforms.


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Our partners

We had the opportunity to work with a large number of companies around the world. We have selected some of them.