IT/DevOps team

IT/DevOps team

The golden rule of our IT team says: “Restart first, call us after.” About 50% of the time, the problem really gets solved by itself. For problems that are unsolvable with restart button, we have our IT/DevOps team made of excellent experts in the area of “solving problems.” Apart from making our jobs easier and providing great working conditions to all of us, our IT/DevOps team tries to make our working process completely automatic, so a human error can be avoided, and quality of work of Emisia’s employees can be improved. They follow up with the latest technologies and maintain services which we work on. They are our magicians – they do the magic, and everything works perfectly.

DTP/E Learning team

With nearly ten years of experience in providing Desktop Publishing services, our team of designers became one of the biggest teams in the company. They are recreating and localizing different kinds of documents and files, while trying to keep the same quality of design. Our experts are processing photos and creating E-learning courses in different kinds of illustration programs. By using the latest tools, they are creating interactive courses enriched with elements of gamification, audio and video content. They are working on improvement of our services everyday, so that we can provide efficient solutions that are suitable for various clients.

Modules team

Their everyday language abounds with words like filtering, segmentation, analysis, audit, formatting of translation, while development of application components is their favorite activity.
Although hidden, the value of this team is not small, because just like building a house, foundation is never visible, but without it you cannot build further. This is why we often call them “people from the shadows” – they provide services necessary for accomplishing overall harmony of development part of our company from the second plan.
With joint forces they provide solutions, weather it’s necessary to implement some request or confirm/dispute its functionality.

OLE team

The uninformed ones would be pretty scared because this place is full of spiders, and crawlers are used for picking up bleeds. On top of that, you can hear OLEEE quite often, just like you are watching Spanish bullfight. Yet, this is only about slang used by team of dedicated engineers during the process of translating big companies websites to all of the world languages. If you’re flying with Delta, Virgin Atlantic, Cleartrip, order coffee at Starbucks or buy L’Oreal makeup, buy clothes in AmericanEagle, or perhaps like Canadian ballet, then you’ve already met the work of OLE team. To make it clear – their task is maintenance of translated websites, collecting the content from website that has to be translated, fixing reported bugs, import changes on localized website, but also much more than this. OneLink engineer is the leading technical expert for functioning of the entire project which is why they carry great responsibility for everything but delaying of the flight – that’s up to client!

Production QA team

„That’s not a bug, it’s a feature.”

„It all works fine on my computer.”

„Someone must have changed my code.”

„What did you enter to make this mistake.”

… These are only some of the comments that our Production QA team gets from software developers. This team is formed out of the need to locate potential problems and deficiencies while shortly providing solutions or services to consumers. They are something like our anti-terrorist unit. They are always present on duty, but their work is noticed only in critical situations, then they prevent catastrophe from happening. That requires strategic thinking and planning in order to provide safety and quality of the product, of both localized/translated websites and applications within TDC.

Project Director team

On the address of Emisia Consulting dominates the population of nerds counting around 20 residents. They are machine and heart of our orange-blue apartment. Hardworking and dedicated, from their floor you can frequently hear BRAVO PD.
Your files and texts will quickly find their translator on our application, and get back to you in the same format, looking exactly the same on the new language.
If you’re lost in translation, they are here to make your day!

QUOTE team

Although it sounds like a bunch of intellectuals quoting thoughts of great minds during the work hours, Quote team is actually making a preliminary assessment and analytical processing of potential clients’ websites. Their job is specific, there isn’t many teams in the world doing this. They are no doubt without competition.
Quote team is considering client’s suggestions and requests and works on “reverse web development” – using the latest technologies, this team turns websites into single information. They collect both visible and hidden from the website, and meet their deadlines 99.9% percent of the time, sometimes even despite being hungry and sleepy.
There is a lot of production teams, but only one Quote.


VWe believe that a good part of this site’s visitors grew up reading science fiction and epic fantasy, so they’ll understand the following comparison.

What are Hobbits in The Lord of the Rings, that’s our team TMGR/TMS in the Emisia conglomerate. 

They are a small but chosen, endlessly sympathetic team of witty spirited people. They don’t even give up while facing the most difficult production demands, even if they have to stand before the Gate of Mordor, pardon, Trasperfect.

Shortly, they add a special charm to the story of translation.

Marketing team

It’s always noisy in their office, and new ideas are born from this creative chaos. For our Marketing team it’s not about if, but when the new project will see the daylight. Hardworking and dedicated creative crew sees every day as a new challenge, and words like ”mission impossible” are not part of their vocabulary.

Web Development team

Team that mastered a rich tech stack for web application development. With plethora of technologies at our fingertips, there is no door we cannot open*.
We all share passion for the clean, maintainable code and are contributing to open and powerful Web experience, whether it is a complex PHP API, Golang microservices or modern SPA UI interface.
Be assured that our software is bug-free, those are just misinterpreted features.

*does not mean we will willingly open just *ANY door, sorry IE, the world has moved on 😉

Content media

Content and Media, two bodies – one soul, in charge for making masterpieces. When it’s quiet in Content team’s office, something is being written about. When music isn’t playing in Media team’s office, something nice is being designed. From journalists to draftsmen, from laughter to cry, Content and Media are perfect fusion, we are creating from the heart, there are no illusions.
And remember, there cannot be a great artist, if he is a small man: that would mean that he’s not truly a great artist.

Wordfast team

Above the PD, they’re fighting heroic blood, they’re on the second floor but they take the first place. In order for any file from PD to be translated, it has to pass though the hands our Wordfast team. They work in Windows, Linux and Mac, and provide simple collaboration with impeccable integration with workflows to our clients. WordFast platform speeds up the learning process by providing users with custom shortcut folders for faster use.

HR team

Inspiration. Trust. Community. Emisia.

The most valuable resource of our company is people! This is why HR team makes sure that those with talent and knowledge join us. We give advantage to team players, and we leave the best managers to be in charge of our teams. We use every opportunity to make Emisia a better place for working, learning and progress. We strive to overcome challenges with open and direct communication, and turn weaknesses into strength. HR team is here to inspire, build trust, sense of belonging and commitment to our common goal.


There is no argue that 1 + 1 = 2, as well as there is no dilemma when it comes to our Finance team! This tandem is accurate, fast, efficient and always smiling. They are handling the numbers, accounts and balance sheets and take care of us, so that all of us have surplus!