Work day

With fostering a culture of constant learning, improvement and progress, we are very proud of the community that we have built. It consists of smart, hardworking and dedicated people.

Hard work implies quality rest, and it’s inevitable parts in Emisia are a good lunch and a game of table tennis, basketball, FIFA or something else.

We cherish and appreciate diversity. This also applies to leisure time. This is why we encourage employees to socialize and enjoy activities that are of particular interest to them. Some like adventures in nature or extreme sports, some give priority to social games, and some like everything mentioned. That’s why we organized Special Interest Groups, so everyone can choose what suits them best.

Solidarity and friendly atmosphere are very important for all of us. We are looking forward to birth of babies, weddings, birthdays, promotions… We organize humanitarian actions and provide support to colleagues in difficult situations. Kindness and a beautiful word are inevitable, and cash contributions and participation in joint actions are voluntary.