+ - 1. Which education, diplomas or certificates are required for employment in Emisia company?

For employment in Emisia company, a formal education or certificates in the field of software development are not mandatory, but a certain level of knowledge is required.

On our website you can find ads for currently open positions. Also, you can fill in our general application form. Your resume will remain in our database so we can contact you. If there is a need for candidates of your profile, your knowledge will be verified through an online test.

+ - 2. Is it possible to have professional practice in Emisia company?

Emisia Consulting company does not offer the possibility of having a professional practice to the ones who are interested in engaging with a career in software development. If you are interested in doing this job, you can apply to one of our always opened job positions. In this case, the first round of selection is testing, and if you complete it successfully you will have a job interview. You can find more information about our always open job positions on website, where you can also apply.

+ - 3. Is it better to send my résumé and an example of my project by email?

Emisia company accepts applications for employment only via online forms available on this platform. Currently, our always open job positions are available, as well as general application form. Please fill in all the necessary information, and use appropriate fields to add your résumé, cover letter, portfolio, link to your project, etc.

+ - 4. What do I need to learn and which trainings should I attend in order to obtain an employment in Emisia? Does Emisia organize training courses?

For employment in Emisia company, formal education in the field of software development is not mandatory, but a certain level of knowledge is required. Depending on your interest for back end or front end development, you can choose one of the programs or trainings which are held by educational or other institutions across Serbia, or you can use one of free online platforms. Emisia company does not organize trainings for beginner level software developers. Our traditional Emisia Summer Workshop is intended for participants with certain pre-knowledge, which is tested during the process of selecting candidates.