Emisia’s success, reputation and trust was built thanks to innovation, quality and dedication. Whoever has these qualities is welcome to our team!

Selection process  for employment of the best candidates has several phases.


Application is the first step, and the most important advice for those who want to apply is to assess their skills and interests. Better chances for application have candidates whose knowledge and abilities match the requirements for the position they are applying to. Be brief and clear and indicate the relevant education and work experience in your job application.


Your applications are regularly reviewed by HR team which has good sense for talents, keen eye for analyzing résumés and is familiar with requests for open positions. There are several hundreds of résumés in our database, which is why it usually happens that candidates who applied in previous period are included in selection process.


This step represents a preliminary knowledge check. HR team sends out an online test with tasks in corresponding field, with instructions for accessing the testing platform, to candidates whose résumé indicates they have enough potential for a particular job. Everyone who took part in testing also receives a notice about the outcome.


Those who successfully solve tasks during an online testing are asked for an interview. This is an opportunity to get to know each other better, to introduce Emisia and learn more about the skills and interests, ambitions, experiences and projects the candidate has been working on, and what motivates them. We employ those who share our values, and at the same time, they make our community richer by something new and unique.


Signing the employment contract and supporting documentation is just the beginning. After this administrative procedure, comes the procedure that enables new colleagues to get to know the company better and the way it works, the facility in which they work, teams, colleagues, duties and responsibilities that their workplace implies. All important information are provided by the mentor, manager, colleagues and members of the HR team, but it is equally important for you to tell us what you want to learn, what kind of support you need.