Emisia Adventure Team on the Stara planina

After kayaking and rafting, the team which makes Emisia Adventure SIG has conquered one of the peaks in Eastern Serbia.

About 40 of our colleagues climbed the Stara planina and one of its peaks – Babin zub.

The adventure began early on Friday morning, when the team headed for the Stara planina.

Good atmosphere, nice weather and beautiful nature made this mountaineering trip even better.

Not even the slippery ground nor the inadequate clothing could ruin enthusiasm of the colleagues who reached a waterfall at the Stara planina after a three hour walk.

There were, as they say, ups and downs, and the hardest part of the trip was the ascent to the  peak Babin zub.

Still, the sunset and the beautiful view were worth the effort, they say.

Socializing was continued in a gorgeous mountain lodge with dinner, music, and mulled wine.

As the organizers of SIG say, they are also planning to conquer Kablar this year at the beginning of November, and during the next they already expect more colleagues to join for the new adventures.